Noir ALL BLACK Selenite Crystal Healing Candle


Let the Noir fill your house with the perfect combination of scented Mahogany, Coconut and Jasmine. Comes in a 25oz glass black bowl. 

This beauty features all organic ingredients that are hand selected to create something that you have never seen before! This will add that perfect touch of aesthetic to your home, tying any style together. 


  • 100% organic mahogany oil
  • 100% organic coconut oil
  • 100% organic jasmine oil
  • 100% organic black soy wax
  • wood wick 
  • all natural dried Brazilian flowers

Burn time and instructions:

  • When you light the candle, let the top of the candle wax puddle all the way to the edge of the bowl before blowing it out. 
  • Burn time of 2-3 weeks Once the candle is done, you’re left with the beautiful glass vessel you can utilize any way you want and a gorgeous Selenite Crystal. 
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